Our Story

Panka is more than just a tamale company – it’s a symbol of love, passion, and enduring family tradition. This story begins with Fanny, whose hands skillfully brought the authentic and exquisite flavors of our Latin tamales to North America.

The journey started in 2004 when Fanny transformed her culinary passion into a business to support her family. Despite initial hesitations, she began crafting and selling her homemade tamales to friends and family.
The path wasn’t without challenges. Fanny faced obstacles, criticism, and hurdles. Yet, the undeniable quality and taste of our tamales gradually won over the hearts of many in Miami. Our tamales didn’t just become household favorites; they made their way into restaurants and stores well beyond Florida.
Nearly two decades ago, in the midst of adversity, Panka was born – a dream Fanny never imagined would become one of the most significant and successful ventures of her life

Meet Fanny


Fanny’s culinary passion, rooted in the vibrant streets of Lima, Peru, found new expression when she moved to the United States. This transition was more than a change of location; it was a turning point in her culinary story.

Surrounded by a melting pot of cultures yet missing the authentic flavors of home, Fanny was inspired to bring the rich, diverse tastes of Latin-American cuisine to a new audience. This inspiration was the catalyst for the creation of Panka, a platform where she could proudly showcase her heritage and her deep-seated love for Peruvian gastronomy to the world.