All of our products are proudly gluten-free!

Peruvian Tamales

Discover the timeless art of Peruvian cuisine with our artisanal tamales. Rooted in a recipe that hails from the Incan era, these tamales are a testament to culinary heritage and flavor. Each tamale begins with finely ground white maize, lovingly cooked in our homestyle chicken broth and infused with a rich blend of Peruvian red pepper paste, aromatic garlic, and a perfect harmony of salt and pepper. Gluten-free and nutritiously rich in vitamins, our tamales offer a wholesome, flavorful experience that celebrates Peru’s rich gastronomic legacy.

Venezuelan Hallacas

Experience the authentic taste of Venezuela with our traditional Hallacas. Skillfully prepared using the classic Harina Pan flour dough, these Hallacas are a medley of rich flavors and textures. Each one is generously filled with a savory blend of annatto, sweet chili peppers, onions, capers, raisins, chicken, pork, and green olives. This exquisite fusion not only tantalizes the palate but also encapsulates the quintessential festive spirit of a Venezuelan celebration.

Vegan Tamales

Savor the goodness of health and flavor with our Vegan Tamales. Crafted from a unique blend that includes vibrant turmeric and a savory, homestyle vegetable broth, these tamales are a feast for the senses. The flour is gently boiled in our aromatic broth, allowing the flavors and colors to come alive. Turmeric not only imparts a unique flavor but also boasts powerful anti-inflammatory properties, contributing to lower cholesterol levels and improved digestion, making our tamales a delightful and healthful choice.