Balanced Trio


The Balanced Trio is a delightful assortment for diverse palates. It includes 10 Chicken Tamales, each filled with seasoned chicken, peanuts, and olives, wrapped in soft Peruvian maize dough. Complementing this are 10 Vegan Tamales, a colorful vegetable medley wrapped in classic maize dough. Completing the trio are 10 Tamalito Verde, offering a unique twist with cilantro-infused green corn dough and fresh cheese.

**Contains: 10 Chicken Tamales, 10 Vegan Tamales, 10 Tamalito Verdes**


Experience the Balanced Trio with 10 rich Chicken Tamales, 10 vibrant Vegan Tamales, and 10 fresh Tamalito Verde – a diverse and flavorful selection.


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