Classic Sampler


Classic Sampler, a mix of 6 Chicken, 6 Pork Tamales, 6 Vegan, 6 Tamalito Verde, and 6 Humita Dulce, for a complete taste of Peru.



Our Classic Sampler invites you to a journey through Peruvian flavors. It features 6 Chicken Tamales, rich and hearty, 6 Pork Tamales, marinated in Peruvian herbs, 6 Vegan Tamales, a feast of fresh vegetables, 6 Tamalito Verde, with cilantro-infused dough, and 6 Humita Dulce, a sweet dessert tamale with corn, cinnamon, and raisins.

**Contains: 6 Chicken Tamales, 6 Pork Tamales, 6 Vegan Tamales, 6 Tamalito Verde, 6 Humita Dulce**


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